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Summer Fen Dog Walk 2013


Sorry to say, only a few pictures of Growlie's afternoon Fen walk due to camera trouble.

In the morning our agility progress test started with a lovely clear day. 10 of our top dogs took part, plus a few more came along for our 'run free' time. This is a big part of our training sessions and probably the most enjoyable, frisbees, tennis balls and cups of tea really are a must.

Thank you to Growlies helpers also to Margaret (Mrs Growlie) for providing refreshments.

Remember a trained dog is a happy dog.

Peter (Mr Growlie) 

1. Jay Jay shows Rusty encouragement 
2. Margaret and Tiffin doing the agility test
3. Second and third place
4. G.S.D. Elka wins the agility test
5. Barry and Keeper do the tunnel
6. Local Author Barry with his G.S.D. Keeper
7. Starting the walk WOT! NO RAIN????
8. Growlies Summer Fen Walk sets off
9. Little Elle (in the pushchair)
10. Stragglers
11. Put the kettle on
12. The return without a dog?