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Summer Fen Dog Walk 2011


This took place on Sunday 31st July 2011

19 brave handlers with their dogs entered our agility progress test. Most had never taken part in a competition style test before. All dogs ran the course with times from 1 min 02 seconds to 2 minutes. Well done folks, as your instructor I am delighted with your progress, great effort - diplomas and rosettes all round.

We then all settled down for our picnic in the sun. As 2 o'clock came, a band of dedicated dog walkers, members and non-members set off for our annual Growlies Summer Fen Walk. Not a lead in sight - doing what all dogs like best. Sadly (ha ha ho ho) Peter and Margaret (Mr and Mrs Growlie) could not do the walk as we needed to prepare the refreshments ready for the walkers' return. I really hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Thanks for coming - our next event is on September 4th (click on News and Events above for further details). It promises to be a "good un" - see you there.

1. Ready, steady GO!
2. I'll tell Mum that 3 boys pushed me in
3. 3 boys in mud, mud, glorious mud
4. A nice gentle stroll
5. Maddison with little Max
6. Linda with one of her 3 dogs
7. Audry with Buster, starting her timed run
8. Terry and Saffi, top run of the day
9. Melody with "The Big Barker" Lucy Lou
10. Natalie and Winnie - "no she ain't an Aussie"
11. Steven and Amy - excellent progress this year
12. Not an ice cream van in sight
13. We train 'em young
14. Superstar the G.S.D.
15. Emma with Scully, a very promising Staffy