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Poplar Farm Visit to Growlies 2011


This took place on Sunday 4th September 2011

Just showing in the rain, Just showing the rain - (as the song goes).

Growlies Dog Club would like to thank you all for your support on Sunday's Poplar Farm Kennels re~homing fund raiser held on our training field in Haddenham. A dull day met us all in the ring for the first class starting at 1:30. Soon things really got under way with waggy tail (rain) ball and spoon race (rain) best trick (rain) quick sits (rain) good dog test (and of course rain) fastest re~call and even more rain!! In spite of this there was a good class entry. Dog folk are a hardy lot amd the show just carried on as if it was a hot summer day. Thank you for your support on behalf of Poplar Farm re~homing kennels - all cash raised will help with their excellent work.

Peter (Mr Growlie)

1. Be a good girl and stay 
2. We are all kids at heart
3. Molly and her little puppy Katy winning the ball and spoon race
4. Poplar farm Dave taking part in the good dog test
5. Doing the fastest re~call
6. I see a few brollies popping up . . . .
7. Oh! I see its raining a little
8. Little red riding hood and eight friends
9. All over, now a quick cuppa then the big clear up