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Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme 2011


This took place on Thursday 18th August 2011

14 dog and handler teams took part, guess what - a 100% pass rate!

Well done teams.

Instructors - you must be doing it right 100% effort on your part.

Peter (Mr Growlie) 

1. Linda with Bracken and Shearer
2. Jenny and Jack  (words of praise from the judge)
3. Margaret with Ross (can I eat it?)
4. Frank and Harry (Harry is the little fellow)
5. Watch the doggie (sorry - watch the birdie)
6. Diane and Honey (with trainer Shona)
7. Ann with marvellous Max, instructor Shona and Judge Angela
8. Angela and Amber the lab (smiles all round)
9. Stewart with gsd Kia (gizz er treat)
10. David with Poppy popkins (diploma and rosette)
11. Linda and Cara get their diploma from judge Angela
12. Trainer Susan top left and trainer Shona top right (all passed - well done girls)
13. Hollie and Bailey (good manners at doorways)