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Haddenham Dog Show 2013


This took place on Sunday 12th May 2013


Growlies Haddenham dog show was held on a dry sunny day (for a change)!

All dogs true stars, from Great Danes to a tiny weenie white dog with a pink collar.
Most dogs tried Growlies Famous Scurry. The winner was super, super fast, recording a time of 3.72 seconds.
I was impressed with all the dogs taking part in best trick, as I chose the three tricks each dog was to perform.

Big thank you to our judges, stewards and helpers.

See you and your dogs next year.

Peter and Margaret                     


1. Forever friends, now
2. Come on Elke, show them how it's done!
3. What are all the Whippets waiting for?
4. My dog is better than yours
5. Lucy's first try on the scurry and she almost won
6. That's what I call a "Watch dog"
7. Grandad, Ellie, Copper and Chidi
8. Young handler class
9. You need a good dog school
10. Freeway loves to jump
11. If the dog can't the handler has to?
12. Both Great Danes jumped through the hoop!!  (honest)
13. Jay Jay and Rusty doing their routine
14. Ya Mr Growlie always likes a cuddle
15. Fastest scurry winner gets the trophy