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Christmas Party 2012


Yet again Growlies Christmas party went of with lots of fun and silliness. Musical chairs, Find the sausages, Best mummified dog, Fancy dress, Relay races. These games are a way of getting our dogs to interact together in an
excited manor of lead, yet still remain under their owners control. Thats not easy, You all done a first class job.  

A very big thank you to Sue for putting the excellent games together, Margaret for tea, coffee, and cakes. Plus thanks to those who helped clear up (all good parties make a mess). 

See you all training night.

Peter (Mr Growlie)

1. Relay spoon and  ball race


2. Fun with a line of treats


3. Ready to enter fancy dress


4. David getting ready


5. Hollie and Bailey


6. Close up of bailey


7. Every ones a winner in our book


8. Smile for the judge


9. Judge with fancy dress the winners


10. Fancy dress winners


11. Entries for best mummy dog


12. Jean and Archie getting ready


13. Really needs fake blood


14. Hope they all find their own toy


15. The winner was ????