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Christmas Party 2011


A great Christmas party, silly games, silly folks, silly dress, 26 dogs, teas, cakes and prizes mixed with plenty of noise. A party not for the faint-hearted. Great games by Sue assisted by Shona. I thought the best game was "wrap your dog with toilet paper to look like a mummy" - best mummy wins - how do they think them up?

A comment I heard while clearing up was "26 dogs running around in a small space all excited and no trouble". I thought to myself um! maybe we get our training right at Growlies.

Well done everyone - hope you had a great Christmas and enjoy your dog through the summer.

Peter and Margaret (Mrs Growlie)

1. Get your own sausage roll
2. Forget that look big fella
3. Nice Santa coat Freddie (aka The Killer)
4. Susy, Jack, Cassie, Harry, Freddie and Honey
5. "A food trail" goody goody
6. Dogs carol singing - X Factor next
7. Mrs Growlie and a very new friend
8. Harvey the beagle leading