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Blossoms and Bygones Dog Show


This took place on Sunday 13th May 2012 and was a Growlies Dog Club Event

Well we prayed for good weather, we certainly got it. A wonderful time was had by all. Our youngest handler just 11 months old (with 2 dogs no less!!) to seventy something at the other end of the scale there really was something for everyone. The 'Growlies Famous Scurry' a 25 metre timed dash over straw bales, was won in a time of 3.17 seconds. With plenty of entrants, lots of rosettes, selecting winners for the 7 fun show classes gave the judges very difficult decisions to make, they chose wisely. The
Best in Show winner being Copper, a lovely brown & white Spaniel. Well done everyone. There were lots of familiar faces again this year with a lovely addition of newcomers.

The annual Blossoms and bygones event is held to raise funds towards the upkeep of our Arkenstall village centre.

Many thanks, Peter (Mr Growlie)

1. Growlies famous Scurry
2. That's close enough pal!
3. Pink Grace's choice
4. Baby Ellie winner of child with 2 dogs
5. Hollie and Bailey
6. Baby Ellie never short of playmates
7. Sunday afternoon in Haddenham
8. Hollie, judging the best brace
9. Pay attention!
10. Black labs everywhere!
11. David with Poppy and Lilly
12. All together Ahhhh Sophie
13. I know the names, problem is which is which . . . .
14. Beautiful,beautiful
15. Fastest scurry run 2:17 seconds
16. Judges choice
17. First place obedience class one
18. Them there black labs again!
19. Chidi with 4 paws on the floor for a change
20. Natalie thanks for your help on the day
21. Ann and Max obedience winner class 2
22. Judging best in show
23. BEST IN SHOW. Copper
24. Barley and Val looking pleased