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Animal Health Trust Gala Day 2010


This took place on Sunday 19th September 2010.

The fundraiser at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket started off a little damp, but guess what, by mid morning it was bright, sunny and dry. There was lots to take part in, lots to see and lots to eat. Growlies famous Scurry Trophy was awarded to Fernando and little Ellie for the fastest run of 2.40 seconds - well done.

A big thankyou to all the AHT staff for the hard work and making everyone feel so welcome.

Peter (Mr Growlie)


1. Great day Christine, well done (Events Co-ordinator)
2. Ellie - fastest on the day
3. Biggest puppy of the day
4. Staffy the super dog
5. A really great goldie
6. Spotty dog
7. Fastest Scurry winner Fernando with little Ellie (2.40 seconds)
8. Dogs for deaf people puppy making friends
9. Little dogs - Big attitudes
10. A great agility display
11. Old Blue Eyes