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Animal Aiders at Growlies 2010


This took place on Friday 1st October 2010.

Just after seven o'clock cups and plates were cleared, meeting and chatting with friends over, all seated, the course began.

Animal Aiders, a team of veterinary professionals, gave the attendees up to date and scientifically based information regarding dog first aid. Subjects covered include poisoning, electrocution, resuscitation, heat stroke, wounds, burns, drowning, health signs and lots more.

A hands-on session with life size dog models - course staff showed how to clean a wound then apply bandaging correctly.

27 people took part, all received first aid books and a Kennel Club approved certificate (Module A2 Element VI). The National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users supports this course.

The evening was presented by Growlies Dog Club to assist our members and their dogs. Thanks go to Tanya, Margaret and Hollie for excellent tea, coffee and cakes.

Peter (Mr Growlie)


1. Katie - a trainer/groomer
2. Its a label, honest
3. Linda's Q&A time
4. Come on girls - show us your dog
5. Never volunteer for medical research
6. Dogs don't like vets with thermometers
7. One done
8. Nobody loves me
9. A grooming glamour shot
10. What does Green Cross Code mean?
11. Once upon a time . . . .