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Agility Taster at Growlies 2010


This took place on Sunday 31st October 2010.

Well, well, I was blown away by the turn out, 26 wagging tails said it all (apologies to the boxer - if he had a tail he would have been number 27). Oh no, "my dog won’t do that!" was the word.  A few bribes and a few minuets later, the word became, "oh, ain’t my dog clever! Each dog was shown each obstacle a good few times, then a break for tea, coffee, biscuits and a bowl of cold water.

Growlies helpers re-arranged the course ready for the next session. Soon a noisy line of dogs waited to run the whole course. After an hour or so most could get round all the obsticles.  I know dogs, handlers, spectators and growlie members all had a great day. Thanks for coming along and yes, we will do it again. 



1. Great folks - great dogs
2. A good old British tradition - queuing
3. This little one shows promise
4. Look dog tired little fella
5. Harry and Bailey made friends
6. Mel's friend and labrador
7. Tea up folks
8. I make it nine plus a tail