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Quy Fenland Fair 2014


Once again Growlies dog club followed tradition by attending the Fenland country fair held annually at Quy.

This is a three day event with thousands of visitors and dogs.

Growlies Famous Scurry had a huge amount of dogs either wishing to break their previous times or take part in the fastest time of each days event to win the Growlie Scurry trophies. This year we saw our fastest dog ever, a
super fit black Lab. Well done and look forward to seeing you all next year

Many dogs enjoyed the water splash retrieve, gun dog displays, terrier racing, have a go agility, mass obedience tests plus, the many dog show classes.

Peter (Mr Growlie).

1. Mondays winner 
2. Plenty of watchers 
3. Just for fun
4. Don't cuddle them Pete - let him go
5. Three's company - four's a crowd
6. Oxygen mask then?
7. Yes - the dog won
8. Even the little'uns love it
9.  Go goldie go
10. Ready steady go