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Shona McKenzie


Shona was introduced to dogs at a very early age due to her parents involvement with the Dumfries Dog Club. Eventually Shona became a talented instructor and then, with her Sheltie, began competing - soon they were at the highest levels.

After coming south, Shona instructed at March and Ely Dog Clubs before coming to Growlies.

Shona's training style is structured with a wealth of knowledge to give handlers the skills to progress as far as they wish.

Shona works full-time in education, runs a family home, is involved with K9, a charity dedicated to giving special need students self esteem plus leadership skills through training, care and working with selected dogs. Other activities include the local RSPCA, Canine Partners and Nowzad Dogs.

Shona currently trains her younger dog, a rescued collie type, the bright-eyed Kier.

Shona is a great asset to Growlies Dog Club.