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Peter Johnson - Club Leader and Trainer (Mr Growlie!)


Peter with Dante in 1949
Peter with Star in 2010

"So you want a dog do ya?" said my Dad. "Well I've gotya one".

I can hear the words even though fifty years or more have passed. "Go and git 'im he's at Burwell Railway Station. Take Dave with you" (much older brother).

Reach to Burwell was a good three mile walk. "Don't go in the waiting room" shouted the Station Master "there's a vicious dog in there and his muzzle's come off". Those words didn't mean anything to an excited 8 year old wanting to see his new doggie. The very very huge ex-RAF guard dog and I looked into each other's eyes. In the time it took for him to sit up my arms were around Dante's neck, his tongue and tail told me all was well. I picked up the rope dangling from under his fur. With tears in my eyes I set a good pace home. For the next few days no-one seemed to like Dante much, nobody went close enough to stroke or even to let him give them a big wet lick. Dante and I spent our next ten years inseparable - he taught me true happiness then great sorrow and something else I can't explain.

From those early days I became involved with dog training clubs. With my next dog I got to know the knowledgeable trainers, went on lots of courses, seminars, training days, entered competitions, became an instructor and learned to see things from a dog's point of view. Give your dog exercise, training and affection in that order and you will be rewarded with unconditional love, plus them big wet Dante style licks.